Roy G. Biv - iPhone & iPad Strategy Board Game

Free Strategy Board Game

ROYGBIV is a very simple to learn, but extremely challenging game for iPhone & iPad. It combines the logic of chess, the simplicity of Go, and the risk-reward elements of Poker. FREE for iPhone, iPod & iPad!

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Game Overview

ROYGBIV is a iphone game played with 49 seven sided dice on a 7x7 board.

The 49 dice consist of:
Seven 1's, Seven 2's, Seven 3's, Seven 4's, Seven 5's, Seven 6's, & Seven 7's.

The 49 dice start in the bag.

  1. One die is selected at random and is placed on the center square on the board.
  2. Each player then select 3 dice from the bag for his/her hand.
  3. Players take turns laying down dice from their hand on any empty space on the board scoring as follows:
    • A played die captures and changes any die of lesser value in its ROW AND COLUMN to its value.
    • Die of equal or greater value in either the Row or Column do not change.
    • The player is awarded the sum of the value of all captured dice.
    • The captured dice are changed into the same value as the played die and remain on the board.
  4. The player restocks his hand to 3 dice with one die from the bag until there are no dice left.
  5. Score are cumulative, highest score wins.
  6. Play continues until board is full and all dice have been played.